Aerospace and Defense Research Collaboratory

Aerospace & Defense Research Collaboratory


Arizona State University, together with a broad coalition of academic and industry partners, is developing and strengthening technologies used in aerospace and military applications through the Aerospace and Defense Research Collaboratory (ADRC).


The collaboratory was established with a $1 million grant from Science Foundation Arizona’s (SFAz) Aerospace and Defense Initiative (ADI) and a matching amount raised by research partners and industry.

The ASU led ADRC, in coordination with SFAz’s ADI, has been working to create a competitive advantage for the aerospace and defense sector in Arizona. ADI serves as a central and streamlined partnership to advance A&D in the state and make Arizona a top location for A&D companies. By providing opportunities for university researchers and industry to work together, the ADRC has helped develop cutting-edge technologies and innovations to better meet the demands of the A&D sector. Major accomplishments of the ADRC are outlined on the success page.


Nine ADRC projects have been co-sponsored by Science Foundation Arizona and industry partners. These research projects are focused on three inter-connected areas:
  • Machine-to-machine and human-to-machine interactions and integration;
  • Visioning, simulation, and modeling and visualization; and
  • Information management and information assurance.
You can find detailed information about each project on the projects page.